Hackfree Wallet |

Made By: NOD Bizware Launched 1, 2018



Mobile Ethereum Wallet and Messenger with Machine-Learning Security

We have developed Hackfree Wallet that combines a secure mobile Ethereum wallet with a secure chat. We applied application self protection and machine-learning user authentication to enhance the security of the wallet application. Instead of using complicated blockchain address, Hackfree Wallet make it possible to send and receive ether just like sending a chat message between chat friends. Hackfree Wallet is a Ethereum wallet that allows users to safely and conveniently store and remotely send and receive remittances by providing hacking prevention for mobile device, protection and backup of wallet private keys.

(Competitive advantages:)

Hackfree Wallet solved two major issues of the E-Wallet: the security of E-Wallet applications and the complexity of using Blockchain addresses. In order to enhance the security of the E-Wallet itself, the E-Wallet application was designed to protect itself by the application self-protection function. In the way that the existing E-Wallet was a method of authenticating the user by relying on simple data such as ID / Password, But Hackfree Wallet used the machine learning engine to analyze the user's usage pattern and applied the method to authenticate the user and adjusted the authentication level. Similar to sending a chat message instead of using a complex Ether address, we implemented an easy-to-use user interface by making it possible to send an Ether to the user by simply pressing the Send Ether button in the user's profile. And we've reduced the likelihood of the remittance error by mistyping addresses.

Security Features

- Secure Ether Transfer between Chat Friends
- End-to-End Encrypted Chat
- Application Self-Protection of Wallet
- Machine Learning User Authentication
- Zero-Knowledge Protection and Recovery of Wallet Private Key