We make wearable 360 Camera, then this product for VR Contents making and Security purpose.

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  • South Korea
  • Founded 2016

Raising $ 500,000




The Goal

LINKFLOW wants to help people record all their experiences and memory.
We make wearable 360 Camera, then this product for VR Contents making and Security purpose.


• We have the ability to produce high-quality B2C products that can create VR content and B2B products that can secure all directions (15 years experience from Samsung Electronics HW and SW engineer)

• Seed invested by Samsung and Lotte

• Collaborations with Facebook (API, Function)

• Collaborations with Lotte Group (VR, Security)

• After the exhibition of 2 exhibitions, 13 companies and NDA proceedings and MOU with 6 companies in the world

Pre-money Valuation


Lead Investor

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Current View

Founding Story

I conceived of this idea as on the course of my honeymoon. My new wife and I were immersed in amazing scenery and unique experiences, but when I came home, I found that I only had disconnected pictures to remember the trip by. There was no way to truly record our experience and capture the excitement and joy we felt. Knowing there had to be a better solution, I developed a prototype and exhibited at the Samsung Electronics Contest. My experience must have struck a chord with others because I was selected to participate in C-Lab, an internal incubation program for Samsung Electronics. My experiences in C-Lab allowed me to develop a new prototype, after that I spun off from Samsung and made our own company.

Company Description

LINKFLOW is the world's first 360° wearable camera, 'FITT360,' designed specifically for virtualization of personal experience. Our product can also rapidly virtualize existing recordings using the 360° characteristics of the next-generation Vadicam 'FITT360 SECURITY' VR Virtual Mart, "FITT360 Market," which enables individuals and companies to easily and conveniently create VR images and promote business through VR.

After we spun off from Samsung Electronics in October 2016 we attracted investment from Lotte Accelerator. We are currently collaborating with Facebook in order to develop the facet of our products that can create first-person 360 VR images. This collaboration will allow users to upload their own experiences as 360° images to their Facebook accounts, letting them share their first-person experiences with friends, families, and followers.

We are also collaborating with the Lotte Group to distribute our products, in addition to virtual-mart products of distributors such as Lotte Mart, etc.

Products & Services

FITT360 |

FITT360 is wearable 360 Camera for personal VR contents creation

FITT360 is the world's first and only wearable 360° camera available today. As a necklace-like camera that goes over one's neck, it captures full viewpoint of oneself in first-person-view expanding one's memory to 360°. This new form of camera allows you to go out, do more and take less as you should for any type of adventure or travel. The neck-camera is embedded with 3 camera lenses that are 120° apart horizontally. The camera provides FHD 1080p resolution 4k in total and receives 30 frames per second. FITT360 activates recording by clicking a 'start' button of the body. The recorded data is instantly encoded and sent to the mobile application, enabling family, friends, and couples to enjoy the same experience no matter how far they are apart. One can share the vivid moments with friends and families with or without a VR gear Headset. With the true First-Person-View 360° video and image recordings by 3 full-HD cameras around FITT 360, the level of immersion you can enjoy is breathtaking. It puts every user from shooter to viewers right back into one's never-again-moments.

We're also developing FITT 360 Security which will be used for security, safety, and inspection sector. It is able to overcome the limitation of one-way camera's blind spots by displaying multi-angle images of its surrounding and conditions which could be effectively used during operation of security organizations including police and military. Such that, under any unexpected circumstances, FITT 360 security is developed to collect and manage all kinds of visual data that could be missed at the moment.

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
김용국 [CEO] I graduated from Kyungpook National University with a master's degree in computer engineering. I have been working on SW and planning for 15 years at Samsung Electronics' wireless business department and established LINKFLOW after spin-off in Samsung Electronics in 2016 with world's first Wearable 360 camera concept.



| Total Funding Amount: $924,214

KRW 500.0 million ($ 462,107) | September 2017 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
LOTTE Accelerator South Korea

KRW 500.0 million ($ 462,107) | November 2016 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
Samsung Ventures South Korea

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