Founding Story

2 persons who have more than 10 years experience on display, solar-cell business in LG and Samsung, founded together to achieve full solid state, inorganic electrochromic device manufacturing technology on 29. Feb. 2016. We prepared 3 years before foundation to see the feasibility of business and to check the possibility of technology. Several experiments are made in this time to get the confidence of technology.

Short Description

Full solide state and inorganic electrochromic technology for Smart Windows, Smart Sunroof and Auto-Dimming Mirror

Long Description

We established the newly developed electro-chromic technology with the help of vacuum deposition technology used on semi-conductor or display business. And our products composited with full solid state, inorganic material to accomplish long life time and small energy consumption.

We already have several registered patents and know-hows for our unique structures, materials and manufacturing technology. Now we have small size of research FAB in Korea and 9 employees.

Products & Services

electro-chromic curved smart winodw and mirror |

Full solid state and inorganic curved electro-chromic smart window manufactured from LeapHigh Inc.

Full solid state and inorganic curved electro-chromic smart window is made from Leaphigh inc.
This clip shows how fast change it's color when the full solid state and inorganic electro-chromic manufacturing technology is applied.
With the vacuum deposition technology, we can manufacture smart window not only for the flat glass but for the curved glass and flexible film also possible.
Now we can achieve transmittance control less than 2% when it is dark and more than 60% when it is bleached but this range will be extended in near future

Featured Team

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Sang Hyun, Park Vice President