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Founding Story

Allfin award 8times in korea. And We have 4 patents in Gov and Samsung's 2 patents. -history 2016.5 Selected as the incubated item at Creative Economic Town 2016.6 Build Allfin co., LTd. 2016.7 Got the excellence award as the excellence startup item at the startup campe in Seongkyunkwan University 2016.7 Got the excellence award as the excellence startup item based on K-Global ICT at Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 2016.8 Selected as the SVI incubated business at Korea Venture Business Association  2016.8 Selected as K-Global the accelerating business at H-CAMP 2016.9 Got the participation prize at IOT contest in Youngin 2016.9 Participated in Yantai, China IR at Seongkyunkwan University 2016.9 Selected as the IP incubating branding business at Gyeoggi Technopark 2016.10 Got pre-seed investment 10 million won from Hebronstar Ventures 2016.10 Got the participation prize as the manufacturing living-environment design at Gyeoggi Contents Agency 2016.10 Got the grand prize as NIPA 1st generation mentoring at Crowd Demoday 2016.10 Selected as 1st place business industrialization at Smart Creative in Ewha Womans University  2016.11 Got the excellence prize as New Makers Korea 2016 at Northern Gyeggi Culture Creative Hub 2016.11 Selected as the supported crowdfunding business at Siheungsi Dream Funding 2016.12 2016 Participated in wireless communication cooperated exhibition at Venture-Startup Expo  2016.12 Participated in TechCrunch London and selected as the global program at Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development 2016.12 Participated in Habronstar Advence 2016 San Francisco IR 2016.12 Selected as the supporting industrialization at youth Jump-up Audition Mirae Asset Daewoo 2016.12 Got the Cerification of Venture Cooperation 2016.12 Designated as K-Global 300 at Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 2016.12 Applied as the supporting business for New Trading Industrialization 2017

Short Description

We can porvide Customized Pet Food Management Service by IoT

Long Description

According to US statistics, animals with this disease account for about 33% of all pets and spend almost $ 45 billion a year on pets with such diseases than the cost of buying a house or a car.
So, 'Allfin Co.' have developed personalized IoT equipment to use without burden of communication costs anywhere in the world so that we can continue to enter the world market in the future. We use IoT to meet the uncomfortable management needs of our clients. We provide The device consists of ‘Wellfit’ that assists with fitness management of pet and ‘Wellfin’ that helps you locate and connect with that device. ‘Wellfin’ communicates directly with the customer's mobile via Bluetooth and displays information in the app. App provides following three type information.
" Prevented lost pets "
Allfin offer features to help customers avoid problems they are always worried about whether the pet would be lost. ‘Wellfin’ searches for a location based on GPS via ‘Wellfit’, and the receiving distance of ‘Wellfin’ is over 2km from the open area.
" Customized finding Infomation"
Allfin provide services that recommend products based on the condition of companion animals, pet-beauty shops, stores, and hospitals through app services in order to minimize customer’s burden searching for uncertain information. We will continue to provide location-based matching information services in partnership with pet-stores and animal hospitals.lves.
" Healthy Fitness Management"
Allfin provide ongoing reporting of location information, calories, exercise history, and health indices through ‘Wellfit’ devices, giving our customers the experience that their pet health care is always under care. In order to differentiate from existing services, we would like to provide actively pet healthcare-related management services through IoT's autonomous control and data analysis, not by the customers themselves.

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